Welcome to WorkoutZone!

WorkoutZone is not just your regular gym where we focus on numbers, i.e getting you to sign up and then forgetting about your well-being whilst taking your money on a monthly basis. We pride ourselves in taking holistic care of our clients and going the extra mile for and with them. Whatever your goal is, we will set up a plan for you and guide you every step of the way!

Let's face it life happens... You twist your ankle during play time with the kids or you have pre-existing injuries that you've forgotten about that turn up during assessments, if we can't address these in the correct manner, we will refer the client to one of the trusted professionals that we've come to know well.

Feel free to pop into the gym for coffee and a chat with one of our trainers to find out more about our facility, programs and values first hand.

We are an Accredited Discovery Vitality Partner!

Great news! We are now an accredited Discovery Vitality partner through Octiv Fitness. Vitality members can earn 50 Vitality points for an online workout and 100 points for attending a class in person. Find out more: www.discovery.co.za/vitality/octiv


Small Group Personal Training

Our personal training approach focuses on functional training to prepare clients for daily activities and recreational sporting activities.

A maximum of 5 people are allowed per session and the sessions are run on a 2, or 3 times per week fixed booking.

Calisthenics Classes

Calisthenics improves mobility, flexibility and strength - and of course have a whole lot of fun trying out different progressions of certain calisthenics movements once you get stronger

Our sessions are therefore a mix between traditional Functional training (with progressive increase in weights) and Calisthenics techniques (with progressive movement patterns), to get the best of both worlds.

Strength & Conditioning

Sport-specific strength and conditioning consists of numerous steps to ensure athletes reach their peak performance consistently. We currently deal with a range of sports: cricket, golf, tennis, rugby and GS Trophy riders (motorbike) but are able to assist with most sporting codes.


"Release. Rest. Reflect. Revive.”
We bring together increased flexibility and greater strength, with a dash of stress release through Yoga.
These classes are designed to work on balance, whole body strength and flexibility whilst developing body awareness.
We focus on different breathing techniques and mindfulness moments both of which you can use even when you’re not on your mat.

The benefits of Yoga for a healthy body, mind and spirit are endless. Join our group classes that are accessible to students of all levels, become part of a community and connect more deeply with yourself through moments of release and rest.

If you have breathe you can do yoga, no need to be flexible when you start your journey. In the famous words of K Patthabi Jois – “body not stiff, mind stiff.” Come expand your mind, perspective, and physical limitations.

Sport Science Testing

Sport specific testing ensures athletes' training and performance is on track and that athletes reach their peak performance at the correct times. Competition dates are taken into account to appropriately test athletes, adapt programs and also focus on periodizing these programs to ensure peaking during competition.

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks presented by SkyFit Studio
Aerial silks is a type of performance in which artists move through skills while hanging from a fabric called silks/tissue.
Aerial silks not only provide a full body workout (with the focus on upper body), but is a great way to stimulate the mind as well.
Benefits of aerial silk classes include:
• Tones and strengthens the muscles
• Strengthens the core
• Develops the upper body
• Improves balance and posture
• Improves lymphatic system
• Improves joint rotation and mobility
• Aids in myofascial tissue
• Increases circulation to the pituitary gland
• Lessens pressure on joints to improve range of motion
• Increase fluidity and agility in daily living
• Fun mental acuity
• Improves spatial awareness

All body types, genders, ages (from 7) and skill levels are welcome!
Classes are structured according to skill level, but we also work at your own pace within each class.

Advanced Karate Conditioning

We specialize in karate conditioning as our lead trainer has 21 years experience in competing and makes use of a scientific approach, to condition karateka for maximum performance on the tatami.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is great for core strength, postural alignment and working the endurance of musculature.

We do 1-1 classes as well as group classes with a maximum of 10 people are allowed per session and the sessions are twice a week, currently at 5 am on Tuesdays and Fridays.